Concrete Contractor

Whether you need a concrete foundation for your home or another project,
Nova Construction Pro can help you with all your concrete needs.

If your thinking about building a home or addition, a steady strong foundation will be needed. We use poured concrete for our foundation as it provides just that. We have the forms and equipment to perform this basic task to build a home or addition with a poured a concrete foundation.

Nova Construction Pro Replaces Concrete Driveways. Our company is located in Manassas Virginia, and we are a local concrete company that can handle just about any type of project concerning replacement of concrete driveways. Nova Construction Pro has the ability to replace any concrete driveway at your home or business. Nova Construction Pro holds a contractor’s license from the Virginia DPOR Class A with the endorsement stamp of BLD builder. Nova Construction Pro is also an insured contractor. Over time concrete deteriorates and you may need to replace a broken and correct concrete driveway. We specialize in installing new driveways made of concrete in Northern Virginia. After many years of wear and tear, your concrete driveway may become cracked and worn-out.

Whatever your concrete needs are, Nova Construction Pro can help you with all your concrete needs. Schedule a free consultation today.

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