Whole House Redevice:

Access to electricity in our homes is one of the many conveniences of modern life, but this convenience presents a constant threat to our welfare. Electricity causes over 40,000 housefires each year in the US, and the leading culprits are old switches and receptacles.
Every switch and receptacle contains multiple points of connection with wires. Wires vibrate as electricity passes through them, generating heat, which loosens the connection between the wire and the device over time. This loose connection allows arcing to occur between the wire and the device connection point. The heat produced during arcing melts devices and ignites combustibles, causing house fires.
Switches and receptacles are tested by the Underwriter Laboratories for reliability and robustness for up to 10 years. Many devices last longer than 10 years, but realistically manufacturers have no incentive to produce a higher quality receptacle than the minimum needed to get UL listed. Because of this, it is advisable to replace devices that are over 10 years old, rather than risk a deteriorating device failing and igniting combustibles.
A Whole House Redevice is recommended when all of the devices in a house are old, or if the house was built with low quality builders grade devices that often fail within 2 years of installation. During a Whole House Redevice, every receptacle and switch in the home is replaced with a brand new device. The process takes 1-2 days and power remains on throughout the house, with brief interruptions on circuits being directly worked.
Redevicing a home as devices get old is part of good maintenance, much like changing the brakes on a car to prevent rotor damage. Hazardous situations occurring behind devices are discovered and rectified before they have a chance to damage property or endanger lives. The safety of the home is further increased by the installation of new tamper resistant receptacles, required by the current NEC, which contain a mechanism that prevents children from sticking objects into the receptacles. A Whole House Redevice improves the home’s value, safety, and functionality, while also mitigating future service call fees and inconvenient power disruptions as old devices inevitably start failing.

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