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Foundation Repair by NOVA Construction Pro

It is your responsibility to maintain your house safe and keep it structurally sound. So, emerging foundation cracks and other major consequences of poor foundation must be taken care at the first priority. Your house is your biggest asset and neglecting these little damage scenes may lead to a major problem and even can end up collapsing your house. Proper foundation repair by specialized experts keeps multiple problems at bay.

Nova Construction Pro provides solution to all foundation related problems some of which includes cracked concrete or problematic soil such as Bentonite Clay. These Clay problems are rampant in the Alexandria, Mount Vernon and Arlington areas of Northern Virginia. We are experts in this field and have been serving customers all over Virginia for years. Our masonry services bear complete solution to every foundation damage starting from brick repairing and brick replacement, repairing walkways to the repairing of retaining walls. Our hardworking workers are also specialized in repairing damaged egress window and egress door areas. In case you want to replace your broken brick and make your patio or wall new again, we help you in the complete process.

Your house must be maintained as well, for it has got a direct impact on the family members. It also remains necessary to keep your resale value high. Additionally, comfort and security are also one of the main concerns. It is to be remembered that these little issues if not treated and repaired immediately can lead to a huge investment near future.

There are houses in Virginia built years ago that have been experiencing foundation cracks and uneven basement floor or block walls. We feel proud receiving the best reviews from all our clients in providing them top-notch service.

We are just a call away from you! Call us for free consultation today and one of our engineers will visit your place and conduct a proper examination. We will be providing our best service and repair your foundation damage at a wallet friendly budget. We do not limit our service to just foundation repairs- We also provide service to repair walkways, patios, window area and egress door.

We have listed some of the major reasons that call for foundation repair service for your better understanding.

  1. Water damage: One of the most common foundation problems arise from water damage. Especially if you are not having a proper and well-maintained drainage system or all your gutters are clogged, water leaks and gets into the cracks and weakens it. If this is neglected, it may harm the structural integrity of your house and lead to a huge loss.
  2. Siding Damage: This is not easily noticeable and therefore foundation repairing at a fixed interval is necessary. You will find that the sides look warped at the time of foundation repair. Eventually, entry of insects, rodents are expected as they start making their residence in the cavities that are caused due to water damage.
  3. Roof Damage: Another alarming sign of getting a foundation repair immediately is a sagging roof. You might not notice it at once, but in case if you get to see any dip in your roof, it an alarming sign that your roof is lacking support. This may result in entire collapse of your house if the support keeps weakening and this brings forth safety and security factors under consideration.

We provide you with the best competitive package and no doubt the best quality material and service.

Call us today for a free consultation. Keeping your house in good shape is important both for resale value and for your overall comfort and security. One of the main things to focus on is the foundation of your home. Issues with the foundation can cause more problems and cost your more money in the future if not address right away.



If you owned your home for a few years,  you may start noticing cracks in your poured concrete walls, concrete basement floor or block walls. It may be a time to bring in an expert to help you examine and address those issues. Schedule your free consultation, and someone from our team will come down and examine your foundation for you. We repair foundation cracks, broken bricks and stone. Our masonry repair covers more than just foundations. Retaining walls, walkways, patios, egress door and window areas can be repaired as well. Flooded basement? Call us for repair and waterproofing.