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While having a perfectly flat yard may sound ideal, flat lawns can cause drainage problems that may damage your lawn and the foundation of your home. Even worse, a lawn sloped toward the house can cause water to roll downhill and collect around your home causing water to leak into your foundation. The best case scenario is a lawn that gently slopes away from your home’s foundation.

If that’s not how your yard is set up now, you may consider lawn grading. While this can be a large project depending on the existing conditions of your yard, it will ultimately be worthwhile to prevent serious problems from water damage.

What Does Grading a Yard Mean?

Grading a yard is a form of yard leveling that creates a mild incline. In other words, it’s the process of correcting the slope of your yard so that rainwater and other precipitation flow away from the foundation of your home. Ideally, your lawn around your house would have a slope of about 5%. That means that the surface of the ground 10 feet away from your house would be about 6 inches lower than the ground right next to your foundation.

However, grades between 3-25% are usually considered acceptable. If the grade of your yard is less than that, or if its current grade isn’t directing runoff away from the home, your yard may need regrading. A slope greater than 25% can cause erosion and often calls for a different process called landscape grading.

What are the Benefits of Having My Yard Graded?

As a homeowner, you likely know that drainage issues can cause many problems for a home’s lawn and foundation. Over time, runoff water can cause cracks and weaknesses in a home’s foundation, which at its worst can cause leaking, flooding, or even sinking. Here are some other problems that proper grading can solve or even prevent:

  • A soggy or mushy lawn
  • Standing water or puddles that attract pests, including mosquitoes
  • Mud on your hardscaping that gets tracked indoors
  • Soil erosion
  • Suffocation or root rot in trees, bushes, and other plants
  • Unsightly mower ruts or other problem areas of sinkage
  • Ice buildup in the winter


Not all yard grading projects are straightforward. For yards that are small or an unusual shape, you might not have enough room to grade the surface around your home properly. If this is the case, Nova Construction Pro can install a feature called a French drain beneath the ground to direct the water away from low points in your yard. Alternatively, if your yard has steep slopes, a retaining wall can help decrease erosion while maintaining proper drainage.