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Outdoor Kitchens by NOVA Construction Pro

A fully-equipped outdoor kitchen isn’t just great for backyard cooking. It’s also convenient for anyone who likes to spend time outside! If you’re interested in making your own grilling station or simply having a place to set out food for guests, check out ideas for building an outdoor kitchen!

Transform a Patio into a Kitchen

Already have a paved area in your backyard? A patio is a great place to build an outdoor kitchen and dining area! Add a pergola, barbecue, stove, and fun seating options for the ultimate outdoor dining experience.

Move Your Kitchen to an Open Deck

If you have a deck, take advantage of the provided space! Not only will you have plenty of room for your outdoor cooking area and dining setup, but the convenient location makes it easy to go back and forth from the house to the deck.

Convert a Covered Deck into an Outdoor Kitchen

If you live in an area with amazing weather year-round, a covered deck is a perfect spot for your outdoor kitchen! But keep in mind, you’ll want to close in your patio more if you’re in a place with weather that changes seasonally.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Pool

Have a pool in your backyard? Why not add a swim-up bar and kitchen! An outdoor kitchen attached to a pool will become your new favorite outdoor hangout at home, and it’ll be sure to wow your cookout guests!


Make the Ultimate Backyard Entertaining Space

If you lack an existing patio and deck, you can still create the ultimate outdoor kitchen! With a little bit of landscaping, you can make places for your kitchen appliances, tables, and chairs.

Set Up a Cooking Station Under a Pergola

A pergola provides the right amount of coverage to shade your guests during a sunny, outdoor gathering. With a covered grilling station, you can keep cool as you cook, prepare, and eat delicious meals outside!

Combine the Kitchen & Dining Area

Outdoor space limited? Make the most out of your backyard by combining the kitchen and dining area. This makes it easier to move food between the grilling station and the table, too!

Ditch the Dining Area for Bar Seating

Don’t want a large outdoor dining table crowding your space? Save room by opting for bar seating! Not only will you save room, but you can also create a more intimate layout that’s perfect for socializing as you cook.

Try a Built-In Outdoor Kitchen

As the most advanced option for an outdoor kitchen, built-in setups require a contract for installation. These custom outdoor kitchen setups include high-quality stonework and other landscaping details. They can also be connected to a fireplace, a wet bar, an indoor-outdoor space, a pool, and other backyard features. Even though they’re the most expensive outdoor kitchens, they’re guaranteed to be complete showstoppers.