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Your roof plays an important role in the safety and security of your family. So it would make sense that your roof is inspected and up to date. Your roof takes a beating from stormy weather, scorching heat, hail, snow, tree branches and wind. A new roof allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Worn out shingles or missing shingles can allow water damage inside your home. Our house is probably the biggest investment that we make. A weathertight and total roofing system from NOVA construction pro is the best way to shield it and preserve it Let Nova Construction Pro help you find an affordable and suitable roof replacement for your home. Protect your most precious investment with a new roof over your home.

Insurance Claims

Nova Construction Pro will help you with roof insurance claims and streamline the process so you can pay very little out of pocket to get a new roof. We know that people are busy in their everyday lives and sometimes forget their home and roof covering till there’s a drag. Your roof will weaken over time and desire to be maintained. Correct maintenance of your home’s roof is significant. We offer quick, reliable, quality service. At Nova Construction Pro, we tend to believe in maintaining degree exceptional quality customary while not ever compromising on the services we offer. Nova Construction Pro Stands Behind Their Work so that you can stand under it. From the roof, insurance claims to streamline the method we’ve got it all covered therefore you’ll pay little out of your pocket to urge a brand new roof.

Quick Reliable Quality Roofing

Nova Pro Construction provides quick, reliable, quality service. Our team continually guides our customers throughout the initial examination, roof repair, or roof replacement methods. Our team takes pride in everything we do. Our job is Providing Roofing and Weatherproofing for your Peace of mind.  We use quality Timberline products with skilled, professional tradesmen to complete your roof installation. View the Timberline choices and decide when you would like Nova Construction Pro to get your new roof project started. We hire the best people who perceive the importance of consumer satisfaction. These are folks that take real pride in their acquirement and settle for total responsibility for employment well done. Our knowledgeable professionals are among the most effective within the business.

Nova Construction Pro is a roofing replacement contracting company located in Northern Virginia. As a licensed roofing contractor, we can replace all types of roofing in your Northern Virginia home. We offer complete roofing replacement, that is code compliant in Fairfax County and in all Northern Virginia jurisdictions. We will tear off your old roof and completely rebuild your roof to current building code standards. We can accommodate any of your roofing needs, including offering free estimates to replace your existing roof.


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Nova Construction Pro is one of the best roofing replacement companies settled in Northern Virginia. As a commissioned roofing contractor, we will replace every type of roofing in your Northern Virginia home. We provide complete roofing replacement. We’ll tear away your old roof and fully reconstruct your roof to current code standards. We will accommodate any of your roofing desires, as well as providing free estimates to switch your existing roof.

The only factor that you simply got to do to urge the most effective roofing done is to pick out Nova Construction Pro as Roofing Is Our Heritage and Quality Is Our Tradition. Once you’ve chosen us you can say goodbye to worries and welcome the happiness of having the best roofing done.

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