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We have years of experience building and designing decks for customers all over Northern Virginia. Trex TM decking is the most popular since Trex requires very little maintenance and will last far longer that pressure treated wood. Of course we also build beautiful wooden decks that will also last many years with proper care. We can help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams. We provide free consultation and walk you through the entire process. From deck concept, to deck design to deck installation, we can do it all. Check out the Trex website for inspiration for your next project.

Deck Designs and Layouts

Nova Construction Pro is here to help you make the best decisions possible from start to finish. One of the first things to consider is the orientation of your deck. The direction the back of your home faces is largely important in determining how much sun and shade the deck will get throughout the day. North-facing decks are even more tricky because they won’t get much sun all day, especially in winter. Not for everyone though! Some people will enjoy the all-day shade.

Another thing to consider is traffic patterns. It is important to consider how you will be entering and exiting your deck as well as how you will navigate around the deck and what features you will want. You want to make sure your dining set, grill, fire pit, etc., isn’t going to affect the stair traffic and or the traffic from the house.

You will want to think about how the space will be used, for dining? Plan for about 120-140 square feet (12×12) for the table and chairs. This space is going to be considered your primary space. Consider the proximity of the dining area to the kitchen inside the home or an outdoor kitchen if equipped. An outdoor kitchen or grill is always a great addition to deck but placement of those items is also crucial.

Other Considerations for Deck Design

Project Budget

Obviously setting a project budget is a large part of the design process.    so allow our us to walk you through what the features will cost and also what compromises in size, features and materials can be made to help you stay within the budget that you and your family have in mind for the project. A deck project can be a substantial investment and so have list of features you desire to share so that your design can accommodate them.

Options for Your New Deck

Decking Materials

We build decks using all the popular materials on the market today.  You will need to decide what type of decking you want for your deck.  We can provide relevant information regarding the pros and cons of different decking and manufacturers available for your new deck.  Popular decking materials include wood, plastic, and composites. 

Wood Decking Materials

Wood decking is the most common material that decks are built with.  Wood is a great choice because its initial cost can be less than composites and plastic decking.  There are different types of wood that can be used for a deck and they include pressure-treated, redwood, cedar, and tropical hardwoods.

Composite Decking Materials

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Deck Railings

Railings are a must in the design and can be made from anything such as pressure treated pine to vinyl, iron, aluminum, steel and glass.

Lighting and Electrical

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Other options to consider would be maybe adding some sort of water diversion or drainage system to create a dry space under the deck for those rainy days or you could even use it for a storage area to store lawn equipment or even furniture when not in use. Of course, you could also add a roof and a screens rooms to a deck to add more space that can be used throughout the seasons.

Outdoor Grilling and Cooking

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Steps to Build a New Deck in Northern Virginia

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Step 1 Finalize Design & Layout

For a successful deck installation, it’s important to have the design layout and budget finalized.  It’s always best to have a detailed plan. Design and layout changes during construction can add significant delays and cost that most homeowners want to avoid. That’s why we provide the time and energy up front to explore all design and layout considerations before proceeding.  

Step 2 HOA Approval

When required we will help you obtain approval for your new deck.  Building a deck without approval from the HOA is never a good idea and something that is better to obtain before permits and material orders are made. 

Step 3 Building Permits

Permits will be required for most decks.  Building permits are in place to make sure that the layout is within the property’s zoning and setback requirements. Having a building permit will also ensure that the design and installation follow best practices and that the structure meets all current building codes. 

Step 4 Coordinate Materials and Labor

Ordering materials and providing quality labor have never been more difficult.  Working with an experienced and qualified contractor is important for many reasons. With today’s supply challenges and labor shortages, our company is committed to providing your project with the very best project management and installation. One of the most important things we can provide our customers is an accurate timeline for material delivery dates that are coordinated with the scheduling of our professional installation crews.    

Step 5 Order Utility Markings

Building decks will almost always require some form of excavation or digging.  As required by law we will always order the utilities on the property to be marked through  This way we will be able to safely install your new deck.  

Step 6 Begin Construction

Once we have completed all the previous steps we are ready to install your deck.  During the construction, we will keep you updated.    

Step 7 Permit Inspections

During the installation of your deck, there will be a number of inspections that will be required in order to finalize the structure.   

Step 8 Final Walkthrough With Customer

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Why You Should Choose NOVA Construction Pro

At Nova Construction Pro, we are highly experience deck builders and can help you create your ideal deck design.  We have a wide range of colors to choose from if you prefer to take charge of the design process. Our experts prefer to use composite Trex decking, due to its reliability and durability; it also looks just like wood. Schedule your free consultation today.