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Drainage & Erosion Control by NOVA Construction Pro

Your yard can be an enjoyable place for recreation, gardening and other activities. Which means your yard needs to be properly maintained and protected from flooding and erosions.

A garden is always the happy place of the home, where you sit down with your children, family, or friends, and spend some quality time. Do not let it get vulnerable to flooding and erosion.

Flooding is one of the major problems in yards and gardens. It can erode the surface layer of your garden and cause problems every time you regrade it. Every garden needs a good quality drainage control system to make sure the garden breathes well and is vibrant. A garden undergoing erosion is a disheartening sight.  All your lovely plants and flowers can get destroyed and you would see your efforts going down the drain, literally.

The wise thing to do in such cases is to work your way through good drainage and downspout systems. We at Nova Construction Pro help you get the best of your garden with our services. Let’s see how:

Downspout Extensions:

Controlling the flow of rainwater in your garden is a big deal, yet it is overlooked by many. If you are new to gardening, you will realize sooner than later how important is it to have good quality downspout extensions. If the water splashes all at once, there are chances that it will cause damage to your garden. That is why we at Nova Construction Pro make your garden deal better with the drainage part with our robust downspout extensions that make your drainage well organized.

A lot of people do get the extensions installed, but make a mistake in placing them properly according to the right direction and flow of water. We make sure you do not get to deal with these mistakes as we have a competent crew that knows its way through the drainage systems and installs downspout extensions the right way.


A good-looking, rich and luscious garden not only increases the aesthetic value of your home, but also takes health and safety into consideration. We understand how important it is for you to spend quality time admiring the aesthetics of your own garden and how it enhances your mental peace. There’s nothing like the breath of fresh air on a jolly Sunday morning when you sit with your friends and family in the vicinity of your own garden to talk about anything and everything.



Reasons To Use Nova Construction Pro For Drainage and Erosion Control Solutions 

Nova Construction Pro has the right people to make your garden the best version of itself with our landscaping methods. It has been scientifically proven how a healthy garden adds up to your health value and allows you to get happier. According to research, it has been found that an appropriate number of trees can suffice for the oxygen requirements of a nuclear family. Do you realize how good can it be? It’s like getting an air purifier, making your surroundings beautiful at the same time.

Moreover, plants can also absorb pollutants from the running water, if placed properly, allowing the flow of the water to turn fresh. Thus, for a healthy and fresh garden, give a call at Nova Construction