Drainage and Erosion Control

Your yard can be an enjoyable place for recreation, gardening and other activities. Which means your yard needs to be properly maintained and protected from flooding and erosions.

Without proper grading and control to direct rainwater away from the home, flooding can result and current leaks in your yard can be made worse. Standing water can cause yard areas to be unusable, negatively affect vegetation or even lead to mosquito problems. On the other side, water flow in concentration or on unprotected surfaces can cause erosion problems. At Nova Construction we provide drainage and erosion control services to help protect your yard. Schedule your consultation today.

Drainage can be either natural or artificial. Many areas have some natural drainage; this means that excess water flows from a yard to swamps or to lakes and rivers. Natural drainage, however, is often inadequate and artificial or man-made drainage is required.

There are two types of artificial drainage: surface drainage and subsurface drainage.

Surface drainage

Surface drainage is the removal of excess water from the surface of the land. This is normally accomplished by shallow ditches, also called open drains. The shallow ditches discharge into larger and deeper collector drains. In order to facilitate the flow of excess water toward the drains, the yard is given an artificial slope by means of land grading.

Subsurface drainage

Subsurface drainage is the removal of water from the rootzone. It is accomplished by deep open drains or buried pipe drains.

The excess water from the rootzone flows into the open drains.

Pipe Drains

Pipe drains are buried pipes with openings through which the soil water can enter. The pipes convey the water to a collector drain;

Drain pipes are made of clay, concrete or plastic. They are usually placed in trenches by machines.

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