Screen Room Contractor Northern Virginia

Screen Rooms and Screened Porches

Nova Construction Pro is the best choice for Northern Virginia Screen rooms. This is a great way to extend your living space. We work with our design team to create the most innovative designs in Northern Virginia. We can create the perfect screen room for your home. To build a screen room in Northern Virginia, the first step is to come up with a wish list of what you want in the way of a design, materials, budget, and size. Once these decisions have been made, we can help you design an affordable custom screen room project for your home.

Experienced Screen Room Designers

A great screen room begins with a great design. Nova Construction Pro is an experienced contractor that knows what it takes to create a top-notch layout and design for your screened-in porch. Our designs will fit your home’s architecture and blend in with the natural landscaping or your home’s outdoor living space. We can build your screen room whether or not you already have a porch. Our design will include everything you need for your new screen enclosure from the framing, flooring, roofing, screens, and more. A big part of designing screened-in living spaces is to determine how your family plans on using the space. We will look at how you enter the screen room from the house and if your screen room will transition to an unscreened patio or deck. We will customize the build to your home and family. Another aspect of the design process is to make sure the home improvement meets your family’s budget and will add value to your property. Our designers are flexible and can make modifications and recommendations on how we can meet your budget.

Screen Room Materials

When choosing what type of materials to use for your new screen room, it’s your choice. We can build your screen room with traditional materials or with maintenance-free materials. We want you to choose the right look and can help you decide what materials are the best for your particular home. Also, traditional natural materials can also be combined with maintenance-free materials to achieve the look you want.

Maintenance Free Screen Room Materials

Building your new screen room with low-maintenance materials will add to your overall project enjoyment. Most elements of your screen room can be built or finished with time-tested materials that will last a long time. There is a wide range of high-quality materials that look fantastic and last. Porch ceilings and soffits can be finished with a tongue-and-groove beadboard constructed of cellular PVC that comes in various finishes. The exposed framing of the screen enclosure, including door frames, doors and screens, and panels, can be built with maintenance free materials so you won’t need to paint!

Traditional Screen Room Materials

There are certain situations where our customers will choose to use traditional natural materials for their screened-in porch. Although the benefits of maintenance-free materials are many, sometimes we use natural wood for our screen rooms when our customers are looking for a more traditional look.

Popular Screen Room Options

Nova Construction Pro is a general contractor, which means we can provide you with a turnkey project regardless of the various trades that may be required for your project. Many customers want to add options such as;

  • Electrical; Outlets, Ceiling Fans, lighting fixtures, and entertainment centers
  • Custom Masonry; We can install fireplaces, flooring, and stone and brick veneering.
  • Roofing and Gutters; We can replace, repair or install seamless gutters, leaf guards, and all types of roofing.
  • Plumbing; Our plumbers can install and run new gas lines for fireplaces and cooking stations.
  • Wrought Iron; We have a team of welders that can fabricate just about anything you might need for your project, including a wrought iron railing system for steps and guardrails.
  • Custom Carpentry; Our carpenters have expertise in framing and decking structures and can also provide finished carpentry for cabinets and bookcases and install windows and doors.

Why Nova Construction Pro

Nova Construction Pro is a general contractor, which means we can provide you with a turnkey project regardless of the various trades that may be required for your project. Many customers want to add options such as;

  • We only use the highest quality materials.

  • We only hire highly qualified craftsmen.

  • Top Rated Designs

  • Organized Process.

  • Code Compliant Construction. We will pull all required permits and make sure that they pass and are finalized with local building authorities.

  • We can assist you with obtaining HOA approvals