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Adding a new walkway or driveway is one of the most important ways to update the look of your property. It’s the first impression people see of your home.

Differences Between Walkways and Pathways

The types of materials used to build pathways are typically different than those used to construct walkways. Natural materials such as loose gravel or mulch are common choices in pathways, whereas walkways are usually formed from stable hardscape materials, such as poured concrete, large slabs of mortared stone, or pavers. A final foundational difference between walkways and pathways is their width. Walkways are typically four to six feet wide to allow for pedestrians to pass by one another, while pathways are usually two to three feet wide because they are used less often and by fewer people.


Concrete Walkways

Although poured concrete is often the material of choice for walkways, pavers make for a much better walkway surface. Made from tumbled concrete blocks, pavers look more natural than poured concrete and are available in various earth tones for better integration into the landscape. They also are immune to the cracking that can plague solid concrete walkways. If a paver is damaged, it is an easy matter to remove and replace it.

Concrete Paver Walkways

Have you been considering permeable concrete pavers for driveways? Know the style you want or want us to give you the many beautiful style options we have? Nova Construction Pros can help you build your own permeable concrete pavers driveway. We assure the best of quality and timely results. Whatever style you want, we can offer it and much more. Improve the look and style of your space, while also enhancing the functionality of the whole area! Permeable concrete pavers for driveways are the best and most beneficial of all materials and styles available today.

Choosing the Right Material for You Walkway

Choosing the right material and color is very important. A designer will show you the best options that will accent your home. We provide all types of Walkway installation.

  • Stone
  • Gravel
  • Flagstone
  • Bricks and more.

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Adding a new custom walkway or driveway can add major curb appeal to your home? Its the first thing that you see when driving or walking by and gives your home a more inviting look.


Planning Considerations

Several issues should be considered when choosing materials for a walkway or pathway:

  • Budget.  Cost dictates what materials are available to use.
  • Shade. The amount of shade present is another determining factor when deciding which materials to use in walkways and pathways. Moss and mildew will accumulate on stone and concrete, causing a slippery, hazardous condition. Use trail mix—a natural mixture of aggregates—for pathways in shady areas for pathways. For walkways in shade, use pavers rather than poured concrete.
  • Home construction. Look at the house’s colors and siding. Is it brick? Wood siding? When developing a walkway, try to select a color that complements existing structures, but doesn’t match them exactly. For pathways, this isn’t as difficult because you are often placing the pathway in a very natural setting between trees or a garden. Shredded wood, gravel, and other natural materials often work best in these situations.