Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling by NOVA Construction Pro

Is this the first time you plan to remodel your outdated bathroom design with some brand new lavish luxury features? Remember, remodeling is way more complicated than making new ones as you will always have a higher expectation, and often proper satisfaction is not attained. There are several aspects you need to take care of in executing appropriate bathroom remodeling tasks. However, professionals at Nova Construction Pro make the process way more manageable and more comfortable.

Nova construction Pro helps you in the complete process of your bathroom remodeling from a very scratch level. We listen to your dreams and demands, and our motive is to provide you with the utmost assistance to make your dreams come true. Needless to say, the bathroom is the reflection of your personal life. It puts a mirror on your private choices and hygiene and is a valuable asset of your home. We have a separate expert team for kitchen remodeling, which takes care of your desires. Our team of experts specializes in assisting you with unique and incredible bathroom remodeling techniques that make the process much more comfortable. We provide a free consultation, so inquiring won’t bring any loss.

Our creative experts chalk outs the best bathroom design for you at the most competitive rate. Our services are not limited to provide you with the perfect design, but we will walk with you throughout the process of kitchen remodeling. So, our services also combine suggesting correct fixtures, choosing the best tile design, and proposing an incredible lighting for your bathroom to look fantastic to all your guests. Added to that, we bring the most exclusive discount packages for you as we have a direct tie-up with all the leading vendors in our area. We have been providing satiating services to various clients from all over North Virginia, and their feedbacks are a motivation to work better in the coming days.

We do not rush into decisions for our clients but understand the importance of evaluating their needs and choices. Throughout the year, we keep discount offers on tile and marbles, vanity tops, frameless glass shower doors, bathroom carbonate, basins, and many other bathroom supplies. Our customized tub and shower plans have also been highly appreciated by the client from all over North Virginia.


Being ready to renovate does not only focus on having extra space in your bathroom. Proper blend with the rest of the room design is an essential factor to consider. So, mastering various bathroom design techniques requires expertise and years of practice and exposure. We have highly creative and certificated designers who undergo an overall check on the rest of your home (say your room) and then suggest a design that will look friendly and appropriate for your bathroom. You can even customize your bathroom in your favorite theme and make your guests wonder. We will be using the best quality material for your bathroom remodeling that will increase house value.

Why Hire Nova Construction Pro:

  • Choose from a wide range of exclusive ready designs.
  • Certified creative design professionals.
  • Efficient and highly skilled workers.
  • Unbelievable discount throughout the year.
  • Committed to serving for guaranteed satisfaction.

Reasons To Use Nova Construction Pro For Your Patio Project

If you are looking to remodel your old outdated bathroom or powder room to the bathroom of your dreams, Nova Construction Pro can assist you with that. We provide free consultation and help you pick out the best design to fit your home and your budget.

At Nova construction Pro we can help you not only plan your bathroom project, but help you with selecting the correct fixtures, lighting, tile, and other materials necessary to update your bathroom. We work with the leading vendors in this area, offering you incredible discounts on marble and tile, bathroom cabinets, vanity tops, frame less glass shower doors, and many other distributors that specialize in bathroom material.

Having your bathroom remodeled can also increase your home’s overall property value. A small inexpensive update on your bathroom or powder room could help you fetch 2-3 % more for your house when your ready to sell. So if you are tired of your outdated design, call us today and schedule a free consultation.