Custom Shelves & Fireplace Design

Transforming Spaces with Custom Carpentry

At Nova Construction Pro, we understand the power of transformation. A recent project in Sterling VA highlights our expertise in turning an ordinary family room into a splendid haven with a modernized fireplace and bespoke CustomShelves. This renovation not only rejuvenated the space but also integrated functionality with style, reflecting our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Designing with Purpose

The challenge was clear: the family room's fireplace wall was outdated and lacked functionality. Our team, in collaboration with the homeowners, embarked on a design journey to infuse the room with modern elegance while maximizing storage. The result was a conceptual plan that promised to revolutionize the living space. Learn more about our carpentry services.

Fireplace update with custom shelving

Custom Shelves: Storage Meets Style

The heart of this transformation lay in the custom shelves, designed to offer a surplus of storage without compromising on aesthetics. Crafted with premium materials, these shelves were not just placeholders for books, décor, and cherished family photographs; they were a statement of sophistication. Their sleek design and modern finish elevated the room, blending seamlessly with the new aesthetic.

A Fireplace Reimagined

No renovation is complete without addressing each element's contribution to the overall aesthetic. The fireplace, once an eyesore, received a much-needed facelift. We replaced the worn-out mantel with a contemporary design that added depth and warmth to the space. This upgrade was crucial in tying together the room's new look, ensuring that the fireplace stood out as a focal point.

Before modernizing fireplace with custom shelving
After Custom Shelving installation

The Final Touch

The transformation of the family room is a testament to Nova Construction Pro's dedication to delivering quality and style. The addition of custom shelves and the renovation of the fireplace have turned this room into a cozy, inviting space for the family to gather. It's not just about storage or aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that feels like home. See what our customers have to say.

Commitment to Excellence

At Nova Construction Pro, we take pride in our ability to bring our clients' visions to life. This project is a perfect example of our commitment to providing exceptional quality and service. We're not just building shelves or renovating fireplaces; we're crafting spaces where memories are made. Our team looks forward to bringing more creative, custom solutions to your home. Explore our blog for more insights and inspiration.

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