Custom Shelves & Fireplace Design

Nova Construction Pro’s custom carpentry project transforms a family room with a modern fireplace and shelves. Our team was assigned to update the family room by giving the fireplace wall a contemporary look and adding custom shelves.

The outdated and non-functional fireplace wall needed a revamp. Our experts collaborated with the client to devise a design plan that would optimize storage while introducing a modern touch to the space.

The innovative design featured custom shelves offering abundant storage for books, decor, and family photos. Constructed from top-quality materials, the shelves boasted a sleek, modern finish that enhanced the room’s overall appeal.

The fireplace received an upgrade to match the room’s new aesthetic. We replaced the old, deteriorated mantel with an elegant design that added depth and dimension to the wall.

This completed project turned the family room into a cozy, stylish area for the entire family to enjoy. The custom shelves not only supply ample storage but also contribute a distinct element to the space. The refreshed fireplace wall now serves as an eye-catching centerpiece, harmonizing with the room’s overall design.

At Nova Construction Pro, we’re committed to providing exceptional quality and unparalleled service to our clients. We take pride in the outcome of this project and eagerly anticipate bringing more creative designs to future clients. Get in touch with us today to schedule your upcoming home remodeling project.

Installation services showing tools and composite decking materials in progress

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