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Roofing Contractor Northern Virginia
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Northern Virginia and DC's Go-To Roofing Contractor

Looking for a reliable roofing contractor? Nova Construction Pro is your answer in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. We're officially recognized as a top-grade contractor by Virginia and D.C. authorities. This means you can trust us for expert, reliable service on every job.

We're serious about doing great work and keeping things safe and legal. That's why we're fully insured, including Workmen's Comp. It's all about making sure our roofing work is safe and up to all the rules and standards.

When it comes to roof installations, we know our stuff. Whether it's classic three-tab shingles, fancy architectural shingles, cedar, or steel roofing, our team is ready. We're well-trained and really know what we're doing, ensuring top-notch work from start to finish.

Leading the way with tech, Nova Construction Pro uses high-tech tools for our free estimates. This means we measure your roof precisely, every time. While we focus on full roof replacements, we don't do repair jobs. This lets us concentrate on giving you the best new roof possible.

What really makes us stand out is our commitment to getting the job done perfectly and making sure you're totally happy. We offer some of the best warranties out there, so you know your roof is in good hands. Our top goal at Nova Construction Pro is your complete satisfaction. We're all about providing roofs that last and keep you happy for years to come.

Want to know more about us? Check out our About Page. Got questions or need to set up a meeting? Just call us at (703) 314-1626.


Handling Roofing Insurance Claims with Expertise

Dealing with roof damage can be overwhelming, especially when it's caused by unexpected events like hail, wind, or fallen trees. That's where Nova Construction Pro, your reliable roofing contractor, steps in, serving as your go-to insurance adjustment claim expert in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. We're here to take the stress off your shoulders, helping you navigate through the insurance claim process to get the compensation you deserve.

Our team brings a wealth of experience in both roofing repairs and installations, coupled with a deep understanding of the insurance claim process. We're committed to managing your claim efficiently, ensuring you get the funds needed for quick and effective roof repairs.

At Nova Construction Pro, we adopt a thorough approach to roofing insurance claims. We offer complete support and advice every step of the way, from the initial damage assessment to filing the claim and any necessary follow-ups. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for you, focusing on quickly restoring the safety and integrity of your home.

To learn more about how we can assist with your roofing insurance claim and provide a hassle-free experience, please click here. We're dedicated to giving you the support and expertise needed to effectively resolve your roofing challenges.

Roofing Contractor Northern Virginia

How We Replace Your Roof - A Step-by-Step Guide

Your Roof Replacement Experts

Need a new roof? You're in good hands with Nova Construction Pro, your expert roofing contractor. We've got a clear, step-by-step process to make sure you get the best new roof, without any hassle.

First things first, we get your property ready. We put down tarps to keep your yard safe and clean. Then, it's time to take off your old roof, right down to the wood underneath. We check for any damage and if we find any, we fix it with new wood. This makes sure your roof is strong and sturdy (just so you know, this part costs a bit extra).

Next up, we put down the first layer of your new roof. This could be a special paper or a synthetic material. We do this by the book, following all the rules. This includes adding extra shields at the edges and valleys of your roof for more protection. We also put in drip rails all around to keep water from sneaking in.

If you're looking to save on energy bills, we can add a vent on top of your roof. This helps keep your attic cool and dry.

For those with cedar or steel roofs, we've got special steps just for you. We replace all the important bits like flashing and vents, so everything works great together.

Last step – we put on the shingles you picked out. They'll match your house perfectly. Once we're done putting them on, we clean up your yard really well. We even use a special tool to make sure we don't leave any nails behind.

Choosing Nova Construction Pro means you're getting more than just a new roof. You're getting a team that cares about doing things right and making sure you're happy with your new roof for a long time.

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The Best Roofing Brands We Use

At Nova Construction Pro, your trusted roofing contractor, we commit to using only the best roofing materials. This ensures your roof is not just durable, but also meets your satisfaction. We carefully select top brands known for their exceptional reliability and performance.

When it comes to three-tab fiberglass shingles, we prefer GAF. They're one of the biggest roofing manufacturers in North America, famous for their innovative and reliable products. GAF shingles are robust, available in various styles and colors, allowing you to customize your roof to your home's aesthetic. They provide both traditional three-tab and modern architectural style roofing.

Another brand we trust is CertainTeed. Known for their long-standing reputation in quality, CertainTeed's three-tab fiberglass shingles offer excellent protection and enhance your home's appearance. They're built to withstand diverse weather conditions, making them a popular choice for durability and style.

For architectural shingles, Owens Corning is our go-to. Renowned for their dimensional design, durability, and energy efficiency, Owens Corning shingles add a unique and stylish look to your roof, ensuring functionality and visual appeal.

Choosing Nova Construction Pro means opting for roofing solutions that include only the best brands in the market. This is more than just getting a new roof; it's about investing in the safety and beauty of your home for the long term.

Top Roofing Brands Used by Your Local Roofing Contractor

Looking for a top-notch roofing contractor? Nova Construction Pro is your answer. We only use the best roofing materials out there. This means your new roof will be super strong and you'll love it. We choose brands that are known for being really reliable and performing well over time.

We love using GAF for three-tab fiberglass shingles. They're a big name in North America and make products you can trust. Their shingles are tough, come in lots of styles and colors, and let you pick just the right look for your house. They've got both the classic three-tab and the newer architectural style.

Another brand we stand by is CertainTeed. They've been making quality roofing for a long time. Their shingles not only protect your house well but also make it look great. They're made to handle all sorts of weather, perfect for homeowners who want something both strong and stylish.

When it comes to architectural shingles, our top pick is Owens Corning. They're famous for their cool designs, lasting a long time, and helping to save energy. These shingles give your roof a unique look while keeping your home safe and sound.

So, if you're looking for a roofing contractor who uses the best brands for your home, call Nova Construction Pro at (703) 314-1626. It's not just about getting a new roof; it's about making a smart choice for your home's safety and looks for years to come.

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Our Roof Installation Service Areas

At Nova Construction Pro, our roofing services extend across the major counties of Northern Virginia and the heart of Washington DC. Our commitment to providing top-notch roofing solutions is not limited by geography; we proudly serve a wide range of areas to meet your roofing needs.

In Northern Virginia, our expertise is available throughout key counties including Arlington County, Prince William County, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County. Each of these areas benefits from our dedicated team’s commitment to quality and efficiency in roof installations.

Expanding our reach, we also provide our roofing services in Washington DC. This includes installations in all quadrants of the capital: Northwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Southwest Washington. Each of these districts in the District of Columbia can rely on Nova Construction Pro for exceptional roofing services.

Wherever you are located within these regions, Nova Construction Pro is ready to bring its roofing expertise to your doorstep, ensuring your home or business is well-protected with a high-quality, durable roof.