Porch & Portico Contractor

Porch and Portico Contractor Northern Virginia
Portico Contractor Northern Virginia
Portico Contractor
Porch Contractor Northern Virginia
Porch and Portico Contractor Northern Virginia

Porch & Porticos by NOVA Construction Pro

Nova Construction Pro is a Porch and Portico Contractor. We build all types of Portico projects in Northern Virginia. Many builders in Northern Virginia do not design or build their homes with a proper portico or porch covering their front stoop. A Portico or Porch provides protection from the rain for your guests if they are unwittingly stranded outside in a downpour. Additionally, they provide shade for home fronts that receive direct sunlight, overheating handles and hardware. Remodel and redesign the entrance to your home, as you know this is the 1st thing someone sees when they arrive at your home. Most homes built before the mid-1980s did not have a foundation system built under their front stoop. That being said, it is quite possible you will not be able to build your new porch cover or portico over your existing stoop system. The only way to determine if your existing stoop would support a portico or porch is to have an engineer check the footing depth of your stoop and verify that it has the capacity to hold the load of a new structure.

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