Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Handicap Ramps often known as Wheelchair ramps are especially designed to help physically challenged, disabled or older Seniors in order to provide them with freedom to move in or around the entire home safely. This is an excellent way to enable Senior citizens and Mobility impaired individuals that are restricted to a fixed segment of the house. There is always a need of a helping hand to help them move from place to place. Handicap Ramps eases the process to a great extent. If you install a ramp, wheelchair and scooter can easily access doorways, steps, sliding glass doors or any portion of the house freely. Last but not the least, aging pets need ramps for accessing the yard or steps in your home, as they are often plagued with hip and joint issues in their later years.

Wheelchair Ramps by NOVA Construction Pro

Nova Construction Pro has all the credentials required to build a custom wheelchair ramp. We provide service for both residential and commercial purposes. Commercial places like schools or churches requires a permit in compliance with ADA ramp specifications and ADA requirements for handicapped wheelchair ramp slope access. Our handicap ramps installation services do not include only basic installation of ramps at your home but we at Nova Construction Pro provide you with the best design that would suit the architectural structure of your house. Here are some of the primary benefits of having a handicap ramp installed at your home,

  1. Escalates Mobility Level: Needless to say, these ramps acts as a precaution to risk of injuries from minor accidents. Staying cornered all the time at your home and the regret of not being able to move without proper assistance keeps you low spirited. For people who are living alone, handicap ramps are a boon to them.
  2. Easy and Handy Installation: Wondering that installation of handicap ramps would involve great hassle? The answer is no. Nova Construction Pro provides you with the best quality ramps that are not only a breeze to install but are also long lasting. Other options allow you to carry it anywhere you go or store and install them at will. These handicap ramps are built in a way that it can be separated into two lightweight section each with its own carrying handle. Book for a free consultation today and we will show you how it works.
  3. Material choices: Made from aluminum, steel or pressure-treated woods, handicap ramp adds harmony to your outdoor patio or deck. We have got an array of designs for you to choose from that even allows heavy scooters to easily enter and exit.
  4. Enhanced Resale Value: Undoubtedly, having a handicap ramp at your home will add to your property value. It will attract more perspective buyers who are in need of handicap ramps for their family members. Therefore, installation of a handicap ramp has a direct effect on property value with financial benefits.
  5. Ramp removal: You may purchase a home that was customized for a previous owner, we can perform Ramp removal and restoration for your home.

We are just a call away to show you the most appropriate handicap ramp designs for you. Get your free consultation today!



Reasons To Use Nova Construction Pro For Your Wheelchair Ramp Project

Nova Construction Pro is an experienced local licensed Class A contractor. We take pride in our work, and our goal is to deliver your vision with professionalism and efficiency. Our company, serving Northern Virginia, strives to provide perfection and value to each and every client. As general contractors, we are experts in many areas of residential construction.

  1. Unbeatable designs and installation.

  2. Finest quality materials.

  3. Skilled professional carpenters, electricians, plumbers, drywall finishing and painters.  Free consultation and estimates.